Jordan Education Sector Through e-Learning Technologies

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Jordan education sector

To improve Jordan’s resources, the government has carried out various efforts related to Jordan education sector. One way is to adapt the e-learning platform system, which is becoming popular worldwide.

If you want to explore this education system and EdTech advancements, you can see a glimpse of the information below!

Learning Approaches Using E-learning Are Starting to Gain Interest

Jordan education sector

Nowadays, online learning systems are increasingly popular and common in various parts of the world. Through special features, every user can access learning easily and quickly.

Jordan didn’t want to be left behind, so they also started actively adapting this learning system. Adaptation of this system increased when COVID-19 forced learning to be done remotely.

Based on research in Jordan on several university students, most of them welcomed this system well and positively. They also have no problem using this system to carry out learning. [1] 

Apart from e-learning, several parties are also starting to be interested in adapting Virtual Reality technology into educational settings. While it has not been widely implemented yet, this enthusiasm is enough to ensure that learning systems with the latest technology can become a trend in the next few years.

List of e-Learning Startups and Companies in Jordan

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This enthusiasm for learning is also supported by the increasing number of e-learning platforms for students in Jordan. Some platforms that utilize this technology are:

1. 365 Exams

This platform specifically helps students and teachers to take exams. This platform features worksheets, videos, and suggested exam questions.

2. Coach You

This media uses Arabic, making it easier for various groups to learn in their mother tongue.

Apart from making online learning management easier, this site also provides video conferences that connect participants with the best trainers in the MENA region. On this platform, there are also features that make it easier for users to check progress, behavior, and achievements while studying.

3. Ketabi

Ketabi is an application that helps parents monitor and help them develop their children’s academic abilities.

With this application, children and parents can meet their respective needs without being afraid of app fraud.

4. Kaleela

This site is here to help individuals who want to learn Arabic easily. Users will get accurate and comprehensive material through this site and adapt it to their daily needs.

Observing the increasingly advanced Jordan education sector, this country could serve as a model for neighboring countries that have yet to integrate technology into their learning systems.

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